Flora Stevenson: Talking about TRUST

In today’s session with our Flora Stevenson CAPE teams we looked at Trust and what this means to us.

We began by thinking about the adults we feel we can trust to make our communities feel healthy happy and safe.

We thought that family and friends would be the people we would ask for help. It was more difficult to think about adults we “trust” outside of family. It would have to be someone we knew well and liked.

Then we thought about what we need adults to THINK – FEEL and DO so that we trust them.

“Adults need to care about children and think about what they can do to help”

“Some adults might be scared and think Oh no! I don’t know what I can do to help. I might make things worse”

“If you’ve asked an adult for help and they haven’t listened or told you not to be silly you’ll never ask them again”

Our question for adults is: Can we trust you to do what you say?




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