CAPE St John’s: Trust and feelings

In this session, our St. John’s CAPE teams looked at TRUST and what this means in our lived experience.

The teams began by thinking about the adults who we feel we can trust to make our communities feel healthy, happy and safe.

Then we thought about why we feel this way towards adults, what must adults THINK – FEEL and DO to help us to trust them?

It was a really thoughtful and insightful session, and we thank our teams for some thought-provoking statements that helped to develop the conversation.

Our Ambassadors felt that adults need to think;

“Why wasn’t I tol sooner?”
“I care”
“Stay strong”
“I’m here to help”


The 6 rainbow steps;

What’s wrong?
How can I help?
Let’s make them feel better 😁
Understand them, or try
Try help them forget
Fix the problem 😤






“Don’t hesitate! Do something, don’t ignore them, solve the problem.”

“I don’t want adults to laugh at me or dismiss what I say. I want them to tell the truth!”

” I should stop and help. He trusted me and asked for help. Hi what should I do? How is he feeling?

“How do I calm them down?”

Our Ambassadors felt that adults need to feel;

“Children should be cared for, loved and given choices.”


“I feel sad for them (children)”

“That we (children) are important and we matter so our problems could be sorted with their (adults) help”

“I feel concerned”

“I feel sad”

“I feel interested in what happened”

“I feel that they need help”

“I feel that I need to talk to them to make them feel better”

“I need to ACT!”

Our question to adults about trust is;

What do children need to THINK- FEEL & DO before they ask for help and support.

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