How do we Get It Right For Every Child at home?

So much of what we are doing is focusing on easing anxiety and maintaining relationships. Many schools and parents are finding it hard to keep the link with home and school. This isn’t about recreating school at home, but at looking at a different perspective of education.

Some children will, no matter how hard we try, still be experiencing anxiety or stress. Some children will need the routine of ‘doing school’ while others will need to do something entirely different from school. Some parents will be worrying that their child will be falling behind their peers; others will be exploring others ways to learn. Some parents didn’t have good experiences of school when they were young, so for them to try to re-enact this may be causing them more stress.

All school use GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child) to ensure we are supporting children the way they need to be supported. We have tried to adapt these to help break down some of the confusion, worry and stress. We have broken down what is called the indicators to try to make sense of How Right You Are Getting It.

Dear Parents,
You are doing a great job.


Dear Parents,
Look at all that you are doing right!
Love from,




2 thoughts on “How do we Get It Right For Every Child at home?

  1. Elizabeth Gilchrist

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into making and providing these fantastic resources. Do you have editable versions available? I would like to be able to simplify some of the text and use other fonts. In this pdf version some of the text is not visible and there are a few typos.

    1. Mrs Young Post author

      Hi! Thanks for getting in touch!! We will get the typos fixed today! We are in the process of uploading all of our boardmaker resources to boardmaker online where it can be edited. We also have these but schools specific and an interactive one to support child’s voice that we will be uploading hopefully this week too!


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