Expressive Arts and Culture – (24/01/2019)

This week in expressive arts and culture we were in the music studio to discuss two different pieces that were set the task of choosing. The pieces could either be one that you liked and disliked, one that was happy and sad, etc, the main focus was that they were contrasting two different emotions that we could convey. I chose a song that brought back happy memories and a contrasting song that brought back sad memories. My song that brought back sad memories was “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls as when I was at school this song was played every year to celebrate Remembrance Day alongside a video clip. I have always linked this song to Remembrance Day and my great Grandpa fought in this war. Even though he died before I was born, my Grandpa always talks very fondly of his Dad as he is very proud of him after hearing stories from throughout the war period. My contrasting happy song to this was “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical as this reminds me of a happier time in my own life when I was always with my friends and not worrying about things the way I do now.

Everyone was asked to go up to the front of the class and play the first minute of both of their songs, then giving the person the opportunity to share why they had chosen both of their songs or allow the class to try and work it out. As we were completing this task it became apparent in peoples expressions and body language how they felt emotionally about that song, whether it be happy, sad, like, dislike etc.

Fleming (2012) discusses the importance of music being taught within the primary school setting as it gives children an opportunity to be creative in a way in which no other subject could be flexible towards giving them a variety to their overall learning. This shows that for a child to reach their maximum development throughout their school career they must be given the opportunity to express themselves through music also.

We then moved on to watch some videos on the board about the impact of music on animation and motion pictures. It discussed the difference in emotions or opinions on characters that can be created and changed just by playing other pieces of music over the top of it. It became apparent very quickly the impact music has on our emotions just through watching these short clips. I have always been aware that music had an impact on films, however I did not understand how easily our emotions could be changed just through using this technique effectively. Our task for the next session is to have a go at playing different pieces of music over the top of motion pictures to see if we can create different emotions throughout this.


Fleming, M (2012). The arts in education: an introduction to aesthetics, theory and pedagogy. London: Routledge.


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