Expressive Arts and Culture – (17/01/2019)

Throughout this session today we took the initial idea of our evocative objects one step further. We used the software Garage Band which we have previously worked with to create a piece that we felt described this object by putting our emotions into the music.

Before we started creating our piece I reflected on my object and how it made me feel by looking at the different charms and the individual bracelet itself. When I look at the bracelet it brings back lots of happy memories based upon family and friends which I will always remember. Next I thought about what I could hear when it I had my bracelet on my wrist and moved it about. I could hear the clinking of charms hitting off of each other, allowing me to further narrow down what instruments that I could use to create a piece of music that would be based upon my object.

I think this is a good activity for primary children as it is a good way of them expressing their emotions and giving them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and memories they may already have. This task would give them an initial starting point for reflection which they may have struggled to find if they did not complete this. They could use lots of methods of communication to describe their emotions and whilst also having the ability to improve their technology skills at the same time. It also allows them to decide what instruments and tempos they believe express how their object makes them feel which other subjects may not have the ability to convey. One experience and outcome that would link directly to the use of Garageband within the classroom is “I can use my voice, musical instruments and music technology to discover and enjoy playing with sound, rhythm, pitch and dynamics. EXA 1-17a”.


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