Situated Communication Reflection

In my opinion our group leader was the person who was most outgoing and naturally confident. There was not a moment when doing the task that made you feel uncomfortable because you knew that person was only wanting what was best for the group. It was not in any sense delivered in a strict way and if anything it made the group come together more naturally as we all wanted to help in some way. This was then followed by many ideas being thrown together and allowed other people to have a chance to give their own suggestions. Personally, I think our leader allowed everyone to feel as though they had their own responsibility and with everyone working together I felt more comfortable expressing what I thought was a good idea.

  • Discussion within the group overall was very well done as each point that someone made was backed up with a reason they thought it was a good idea.
  • It was clear since I understood what they meant and if at times I was unsure of how they were going to do it, they simply showed me which gave me a better image of how it was going to work.
  • In terms of the 5p’s I would say that some of the pre-assessing could have been given more time since we all just started building, maybe next time think before we jump into things even though all our ideas worked out anyways. I suggest this since it might not work to our advantage like this all the time.

The environment wasn’t much of a problem as when we were carrying out task it was dry and not windy. I think if it was to rain heavily and if there were higher winds this would have caused issues since we would’ve had to raise our voices a bit more and may not have enjoyed being outside at the time.

Overall, our negotiations within our group were successful since everyone was able to give their own ideas and then together come up with a solution that worked for what we were building. We didn’t jump to what we thought was best and listened to what everyone else had to say first which I believe made the group work stronger.

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