Hello blog – Week 1

10th January 2019

On Tuesday I experienced my first day in my option module Digital Technologies. I chose digital technologies due to its great importance in today’s modern society; forever changing and evolving. In terms of my own skills when discussing digital technologies I would say I have a fair amount of knowledge since I am digitally native. However, I do have areas that I am not as confident in. For example, after Tuesday’s session I learned that I do not know much about coding or what ActifInspire is. I believe that this module will further develop my skills as well as give me new ones which will benefit me when teaching in a classroom environment.

My confidence level about taking this module was varied since I knew that it was going to be a challenge to sit. However, after sitting through the first session I now feel a little more at ease and I am more determined to see what I can achieve. Our first session included: having a course outline, discussing the expectations required as well as the importance of why we have digital technologies within schools. Personally, after reading Enhancing Learning and Teaching through the use of Digital Technologies by the Scottish Government, I feel more informed about why the use digital technologies should improve throughout schools. Firstly, it was brought to my attention during Tuesday’s session that not all children experience technology at home. This clearly justifies that we should have access and encourages technology to be used in school to close the poverty attainment gap (Scottish Government, 2016). In result it will allow children to feel more included within the society as well as allow them to learn in various ways.

“Digital technology can enhance learning and teaching.” (Scottish Government, P.3. 2016). With having being born into the world of technology I can also agree with this statement as I remember being so fascinated and focused when playing a game or simply browsing the internet. There has also been evidence to support this after a report was taken to see what children thought about the use of digital technology in schools. The report found that children felt more enjoyment when learning after using the technology and wished to see it being used more. They highlighted that it would be more beneficial to be used in balance; to avoid over using it (Scottish Government, 2016).

Having digital skills will also benefit a child to become prepared when looking for a job and will give them the basic digital needs they will need in today’s society. Since the new generations and some current generations are digitally native it is important that we evolve education (Prensky, 2001). I believe that schools will continue to develop digitally due to the experiences I saw during placement. Technology was used throughout my two week placement. However, the teachers were still willing to expand on their knowledge of technology so that they could use it more within the classroom. Finally, I hope that this module is not just challenging but entertaining and I am looking forward to this term.

• Prensky, M. (2001) Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. MCB University Press
• Scottish Government (2016) A Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government [Online] http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0050/00505855.pdf [Accessed: January 2019]