Expressive arts and culture- week 4

This session we learned about graphic scores and how to use them. Graphic scores are a way to write down music but without having to use musical notes. Instead of using musically notes, you can use shapes or symbols to show what should be playing and in what order. Julie explained how they worked and how we can use them. We had a chance to take part in an example graphic score as a class, based on bonfire night and we had to create different symbols to represent the sound we were making.

Next, we were challenged to create our own graphic score with our own theme. My group and I choose the theme of a circus and discussed the different sound in a circus and how we could create our graphic scores. For me, the most important learning resulted from creating our graphic scores and using it to create a sequence of music. Initially, I questioned whether or not this would be useful to me in the future and if I would actually use this in a classroom environment.

Having applied what I have learned and created a graphic score I now realise how easy it is to do and how it would be a fun activity to do as a music lesson for children in the future. This knowledge is essential to me as a practitioner because I did not how to use common music notation and was nervous about teaching it in the future. However, now that I have learned about graphic scores I am confident that I will be able to teach a music lesson with the skills that I have learned during this session.