Moderating reading assessments

Teachers at Stoneyhill PS, Musselburgh, talk about how they approached the moderation of reading and discuss the importance of thinking about evidence of achievement at the planning stage.

The experiences and outcomes being addressed relate to enjoyment of reading:

Lit 1-11a and Lit 2-11a

5 thoughts on “Moderating reading assessments”

  1. I found it particulary interesting to hear about your approach to moderation of reading. The issues which you raised will help staff when they are engaging in similar work.
    I agree that setting agreed success criteria at the start matching clearly to the learning intention is key, particularly when you are gathering evidence from a range of different learning styles. Also the need for a range of evidence when commenting on security of learning.
    I will be encouraging staff to look at your experience and feel that it will help us in our moderation work.
    Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have flagged it up to staff who I’m sure will find it interesting and helpful.

  3. The website has moved – eek! I’m doing a staff meeting tomorrow on the moderation of reading with another school and the feedback from this resource seemed great – if anyone could repost it, that’d be fantastic! Ta

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