Personal audit & transferable skills

Activity 1

1. Below are a list of skills and abilities. Complete an audit of where you are now. Record this in your learning journal/portfolio.

Rate yourself (1=Not very well developed; 3=very well developed)

Skills and Abilities




 Self-confidence  X
 Take risks   X
 Organise and plan   X
Manage Time   X
 Make presentations   X
 Act as a leader   X
 Listen to others   X
 Debate formally and informally   X
 Take notes   X

Although it is important to identify where we are now, it is not enough to stop there. We need to reflect upon how we can develop the skills where we are less confident and how we can transfer the skills in which we are confident and competent.

Activity 2

Complete the audit below, using the information from the table above.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills already developed How will I use these How do I know (evidence)**
 Organise and plan  To keep my work well categorised so I don’t misplace anything and can find notes and research quicker. Continue colour coding work and using my planner.
 Listen to others  During any lecture or group task, I can use this skill to gain as much knowledge, new ideas and different perspectives as possible, while showing respect to others and opening my eyes to other ways of thinking.
 Take notes  During class I will use my different notebooks for each topic to take quick notes and make extra mind maps and collect information out of class too.
 Manage time  To continue being on time to classes, so as not to miss anything and allocate myself time for home work and to research topics I may find useful.
 Make presentations  I will use this skill when doing our peer group presentation. I can add excitement to the slides using graphics and animations so that we can keep it modern and as unique as we can.

** This section should be completed as you identify when/where/how you have used/developed these skills.

Part B – Activity 1

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills not yet developed How will I develop these How do I know (evidence)**
 Self-confidence  By broadening my knowledge on all related topics so I feel confident in myself to answer questions, present to the class and start discussions.
 Act as a leader  By speaking up during work with peer learning groups and offering support to my group members.
 Debate formally and informally  By taking part in group discussions and engaging in conversations about a variety of subjects.
 Take risks  By building my self-confidence, I will then start to feel more at ease, stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to things I may not be used to.