Social Media Input on Racism and Patriarchy

Prior to the input I had a base understanding of the terms race and patriarchy, and would have grouped them alongside prejudice and discrimination. Race refers to the biological similarities and differences between people that differ to those deemed as the norm by society, and prejudice and discrimination refers to a person or group of people being treated differently based on preconceived opinions that aren’t reinforced by true fact, or characteristics about themselves that they are unable to control.

The presence of discrimination and prejudice based on a persons racial background is unfortunately still present in society today. Instances such as terrorist attacks can result in cohorts of people assigning responsibility to another group of people based on characteristics that are outwith their control (such as the colour of their skin or country of origin). I was aware that racial discrimination has always been present throughout history across the globe however after the input I was aware to a much greater extent the scale racism and patriarchy blighted society throughout history.

After the input I evaluated what had been covered and this combined it with my prior knowledge on the issue. It is something that is important to consider as a person going into the education profession. Ensuring that awareness and understanding is promoted and discussed in the classroom to prevent history both in past decades and present repeating itself


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  1. It is Brian, most certainly. Have a look at the GTCS’ SPR and in particular the first section. You’ll see the emphasis there is on Social Justice in the standards for teachers in Scotland. Something we want to ensure is at the heart of your experience with us on the course.

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