Looking at Science Through Hurricanes

In MA2 I wrote a blog post called ‘the maths behind hurricane Abigail’ which identifies how hurricanes relate to mathematics through the Fibonacci sequence. Fast forward to MA4 and it is still something that I am particularly interested in. In my future career, I wish to incorporate a topic based around hurricanes and natural disasters through topical science. This has inspired me to compose a vlog post to highlight in what ways this can be taught in the classroom. The Scottish Government (2010) highlight that children will gain the benefits from science by promoting relevance in their learning. To address this, the vlog post identifies how using active and inquiry based experiences can allow children to see the benefit of learning about hurricanes  and natural disasters. This has identified to myself as a science learner that science is not just about conducting experiments and constructing graphs (Shamsudin, Abdullah, and Yaamat, 2013). Instead, it has highlighted that an incredible amount of thinking and asking questions is necessary to establish how the world works.

Please visit the link below to look at my vlog post.



Scottish Government. (2010) Curriculum for Excellence: Science Principles and Practices. Available: https://education.gov.scot/Documents/sciences-pp.pdf. Last Accessed: 24/10/17.

Shamsudin, N., Abdullah, N., and Yaamat, N. (2013) ‘Strategies of Teaching Science Using an Inquiry based Science Education (IBSE) by Novice Chemistry Teachers.’ Procedia – Social and Behavioural Sciences. 90(1): Pp 583-592.





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