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Why Teaching?

Becoming a primary teacher has always my dream, ever since primary school. Looking back on my primary years, i remember positive, productive and fun experiences. These experiences were made so memorable by my teachers who were such inspirational role models. They always made sure i was challenged and fully engaged in my learning. These experiences were my inspiration for becoming a teacher myself.

My parents have never been academic and never pushed me to pursue further education after fourth year. I felt at this stage of my life that i needed a break from education and wanted to go out and earn money. My dream always lingered in the back of mind, but my financial position at this time did not allow me to pursue this. I worked part time with primary children for 3 years in an out of school care club and attempted 2 different college courses before moving on to work with adults with learning disabilities. I gained further qualifications in these fields but the chance of progression was slim and i felt that something was missing. It was at this point i began to look into routes into teaching again and just this year, i completed the SWAP course at Dundee College.

Being back in a learning environment and volunteering in a primary school really confirmed that this was where i wanted to be. Working with the children in the classroom was so rewarding and brought back many positive memories from my own primary years. I feel extremely privileged to have a place on the MA programme and am fully committed to eventually achieving my childhood dream. It might have taken me a while to get to this stage but i have no regrets as i now have more life experience that i can pass on to the next generation.

So here i am, willing, eager and ready to realise my dreams.

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