Digital Technologies Reflection 30.1.18

Scratch Jr. is a reliable resource to engage children in their learning, there are many advantages to use coding in the classroom. When people learn to code, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects and communicating ideas, some people believe and have verbally communicated that coding is the new literacy. “As young people create Scratch projects, they are not just learning how to write computer programs. They are learning to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively – essential skills for success and happiness in todays world.”

As a learner, I thoroughly enjoyed Scratch as I was able to be creative and make decisions of positioning, the storyline and how it flowed from one thing to the next.

As an educator, personally I believe this is a good resource to use in a classroom setting. Many ideas can be performed on this application such as; creative writing and drama as well as many others. Skills that are developed include creative thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving and collaboration these skills are useful as it will help children in the school environment , home environment as well as a social environment.

From the subject of technology, the most relevant outcome towards my lesson was “I explore and experiment with the features and functions of computer technology and I can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts” (TCH 1-04a/TCH 2-04a).

From the subject of literacy, I begin to search deeper into story telling and creativity, this led me to be guided by “I can convey information, describe events or processes, share my opinions or persuade my reader in different ways” (LIT 1-28a/LIT 2-28a).

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