A memorable learning experience

Thinking back to primary school, many years ago, i have numerous memorable learning experiences i could write about. However, one that stands out, was our first topic of the Victorians. I have always loved History as a subject throughout primary and high school and i believe it all stems from this topic, that i thoroughly enjoyed in primary one.

I remember the school box television being wheeled into the classroom (you knew it was going to be an exciting lesson when the TV was used!) so that we could watch short documentary about Victorians. As i was so young, i had no idea how things were going to be so different, watching the TV programme was so interesting and set the context for our topic well.

I found it fascinating learning about the past and how people lived. The similarities, the differences, how things have moved on and changed. The topic allowed us to explore many artefacts, that were from the Victorian era, such as a hoop and stick, cup and ball, fountain pens and money. This was so interesting to see all of the different things in real life, thinking about how children has much simpler lives, but still had as much fun.

Additionally, I remember going home and discussing all the things i had learnt with my parents and then grandparents, who were able to share stories of when they were younger. My grandparents shared several memories of using some of the same toys i had been playing with in school. I loved being able to develop my learning by gaining more first hand knowledge from my family. My parents also had old coins in the house, that i was allowed to bring into school to share with my peers. This gave me the opportunity to share information i had learned outwith school, which i hoped would impress my teacher!

I loved several topics in primary school, but the Victorians will always stand out as it was my first topic and so fascinating. Ever since, i have visited numerous different museums featuring the Victorian era and it always reminds me of all the learning i did, way back in primary one.


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