Hey Guys, Welcome to my Vlog?

It’s not an every day occurrence where your lecturer tells you you’re all about to become vloggers, but it’s one that I’ve tried to welcome with open arms!

Margaret Taylor, our lecturer, set up a workshop that allowed us to test substances to see how soluble and insoluble they would be in a small amount of cold water. Our tests may not be the most valid, however we did enjoy taking a record of what we found and could compare across the six solids.

In order to make it more valid in a classroom, we could measure out accurate amounts of water and substances in order to make it a fair test, so that the items were the only variable. We could also do more work from this experiment to find out what the substances were, for example, using information gathered from the internet to compare to our observations.

As you can tell from our final clip in the vlog, this would be a very exciting experiment to do in a classroom as the children would not be sure what the outcomes will be. This will therefore spark their curiosity and allow them to become excited about the topic of Materials and how they react with water.

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