Bereavement and Grief

Resources and information relating to Bereavement and Grief

  • When people die: Stories from young people (Comic illustration of bereavement)      Content: Resource is the form of a comic and produced by the Universities of Dundee and Strathclyde with funding from the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.                    Audience: Parents / Caregivers,  Schools, Education, Children and Young People.


  • Elephant’s Tea Party (Child Bereavement UK)                                                                      Content: Lesson plans and resources for school regarding helping children cope with bereavement.                                                                                                                             Audience: Schools, Education


  • Growing in Grief Awareness                                                                                                       Content: Audit and planning tool for schools around bereavement and grief.                Audience: Schools, Education


  • Supporting children after a frightening event (Traumatic Stress)                                    Content: Leaflet advising on how to help children cope following a traumatic event, with particular reference to bereavement from Child Bereavement UK.                              Audience: Parents/ Caregivers, schools



  • Positive Responses to Death: A Strategy for Schools (Winston’s Wish)                           Content: Guidelines which help schools to respond to a death within the School community, for example a member of staff.                                                                          Audience: Schools


  • The Resilience Project                                                                                                              Content: Curriculum/lesson plans on death, dying and bereavement (Primary 5-7). Audience: Schools


  • After someone dies (Cruse Bereavement Care)                                                                    Content: Leaflet for young people about what to expect when experiencing a bereavement and how to get help.                                                                                                                   Audience: CYP


  • Caring for kids after trauma and death (New York University)                                            Content: A guide to use following a CYP’s experience of trauma, death or disaster, particularly those who are considered at risk of adverse reactions.                                    Audience: Schools, Education, Parents / Caregivers


  • A Whole School Approach to Supporting Loss and Bereavement (NHS Greater Glasgow) Content: A toolkit developed to support school staff increase their knowledge and skills in bereavement, loss and change.                                                                                           Audience: Schools


  • Teenage Grief (Childhood Bereavement Network)                                                             Content: Lesson plans on teenage grief.                                                                             Audience: Schools, Education


  • Top 10 List of Helping Grieving Children & Teens (Hamilton’s Academy of Grief and Loss) Content: Short leaflet with tips on supporting recently bereaved teens and older children. Audience: Parents / caregivers; Schools, Other professionals


  • Bereavement: School Information Pack (Winston’s Wish)                                                        Content: Information and guidance and specific activities for school communities recently affected by a bereavement.                                                                                                  Audience: Schools; Education


  • Child Bereavement UK                                                                                                               Content: Advice, information, and guidance on bereavement in children and teenagers. Includes leaflets and links to training events.                                                                       Audience: All


  • Cruse Scotland UK                                                                                                                     Content: Advice for people who have experienced bereavement including Cruse’s national helpline number.                                                                                                                       Audience: All


  • Winston’s Wish                                                                                                                           Content: Direct support for children and young people who have been bereaved and information and guidance for schools and families.                                                          Audience: All


  • British Heart Foundation – telling your children                                                                  Content: Advice and guidance on how to talk to children about illness and bereavement.      Audience: Parents / Caregivers