Situated Communication – Den Building: Post Session Questions

This is the den we built!

Today we we learning about communication in different environments and how our communication methods may change in different situations. In class, we went outside and build dens in random groups and we had to reflect on the task after the session using the headings below.

Group and leadership
My group didn’t really have a main leader as such, but instead we all took on this role as we all had individual strengths and weaknesses which helped us to complete the indivudual elements of the task. By doing this, it meant that no one was excluded and everyone had a role to play. The most challenging part of this task for me was working with people that I hadnt worked with before because I didnt know what their strengths and weaknesses were before starting this task.
The group explained very clearly, meaning I fully under stood the ideas they were coming up with. They explained their ideas by showing me what they were trying to achieve using the resources we had. I feel I was good at explaining the task and the criteria of the den and throughout the time we had I would reflect on whether the den we were building met the given criteria.
We had to speak louder so that we could hear each other over both the natural environment sounds but also the other groups working. When we were outside, I had to talk a bit louder than I would in a classroom environment, and I also found myself getting distracted by the environment, more so than I would in a classroom. To overcome this in an educational class, I could gather the children in an area where they may not be distracted such as in a corner.
Our negotiations were moderately sucessful.  Whilst we gained resources that we required, we lost a member of our team, meaning it took us longer to complete the task. The most challenging part of the negotiation was working out what item we would swap with the other team as we had to quickly work out if giving the item away would hinder our progress in building our den.

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