Reflective Moment

Being a reflective teacher has been highlighted as important by ever lecturer since day one of university. Prior to arriving at university, I had not fully understood the importance of being reflective – it had not been an aspect of teaching that had grabbed my fullest attention. However, this has changed since completing the Working Together module. This module has been critical in showing me how to effectively reflect and given theories that I can incorporate into my professional practice.
One of the key points from the Standards of Provisional Registration is to “work collaboratively to share their professional learning and development with colleagues”. This aspect of the registration links to one of the important moments from semester one that has helped with my professional development. During the Working Together module, we were put into groups in order with who were initially strangers to one another – and were expected to come together and form a group presentation. Being part of a group at university challenged me to speak up and have my voice heard which was something new and had helped me develop into a professional individual. Being part of a team is important to the teaching profession and becoming a confident individual that takes part in discussions is something the Working Together module has helped shape me to be.
Being critically reflective is something that I am beginning to see the benefits; Working Together has provided theories which can help with my reflection (for example, Brookfield’s Lenses and Wenger’s Community of Practice). I can employ these methods of reflection into my teaching in order to continually improve on myself which in turn will benefit the children I will come to teach.

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