Digital Technologies – Week 1 09/01/18

Within my first class of Digital Technologies we focused on what digital technology is, along with identifying our strengths and things we wish to expand our knowledge on throughout this module.  Within class we read “Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology” which was published by the Scottish Government in 2016.  We also spent time looking on Glow, which was very beneficial as Glow Blogs are a key aspect to completing this module successfully.

Before this class, my idea of digital technology was vague and I mostly associated it with all being online, however I now have the understanding that there are many more different aspects to it.  For example, Bee-bots are educational and a useful form of digital technology.  Not only do they fit into Technology Curriculum for Excellence Experience and Outcomes, but they could also be used in many other lessons throughout the curriculum, such as Mathematics:

Having investigated where, why and how scale is used and expressed, I can apply my understanding to interpret
simple models, maps and plans. – MTH 2-17d

I also found out different facts about digital technology that I did not previously know, such as how it helps to increase levels of attainment and therefore close the attainment gap.  Due to this, I feel as though this module has been beneficial for my learning already as my understanding of what digital technology is has increased.  To be able to identify our progress at the end of the module we highlighted aspects we felt we were and were not most confident in, or had never worked with before.  This gave me a good opportunity to think about what I need to work on most and what different forms of digital technology I will be working on in upcoming weeks.

The Scottish Government (2016) highlighted four main objectives that they wish to carry out to ensure digital technology helps children in all aspects of the curriculum.

  • Develop the skills of educators
  • Improve access
  • Empower leaders
  • Enhance curriculum and assessment delivery

I feel as though these points are very important as if teachers are not comfortable working with digital technology themselves, then they will lack confidence and find it hard to engage children in their lessons.  Therefore, teachers being given the appropriate training means they will be able to highlight the positive effect digital technology has on children and from this they may themselves take great enjoyment in creating lessons for all areas throughout the curriculum.   Ninety-two children between ages eight to eleven consulted with the children’s parliament, during this they talked about how learning with technology is fun.  Therefore, through teachers incorporating technology into the curriculum where appropriate, children will be more interested and focused as they are learning through something they take an interest in.  As children growing up nowadays are constantly being introduced to new technology – I find it essential as a student teacher that I am constantly aware of the latest gadgets and resources children are engaging with (Prensky, 2001). From this, I have been able to identify the importance of teacher knowledge on digital technology, therefore I am satisfied that I choose this module as I feel as though it will increase my confidence in relation to teaching with technology in future years.

We also spent time navigating glow and adding tiles onto our launch pads, this allowed me to identify useful tiles for just now whilst studying and also for future years of being a teacher.  I found this time very important as reflecting through Glow Blogs is essential within this module, therefore exploring the site made me more confident with using it.

Overall, the first class of the module Digital Technologies enabled my understanding of what digital technology is to be expanded, as well as giving me the time to explore different books and Glow.  I am pleased that I choose this module as already I have been made aware of how important it is for educators to be confident in teaching with technology.  Therefore, through this module I am hopeful that my confidence and skills with using digital technology will increase.



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The Scottish Government (2016) Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology [Moodle Resource] Available: Digital Technologies module on Moodle. [Accessed: 9 January 2018]








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