Alternate Endings

Choose a well-known story. Consider the ‘big themes’ of the story and explore possible alternate endings. Decide on the most powerful new ending and film your new story. 

I choose the award-winning story ‘Lost & Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. In this book, a lost penguin shows up at a little boys door, the boy found out where it came from and returned it. However, the journey to the north pole is long and difficult in their little rowing boat, to pass town the little boy tells the penguin stories. When they arrive, instead of being happy they are both sad, then the boy realises that the penguin wasn’t lost, it was just lonely.

I consider the ‘big themes’ to be friendship, bravery, loneliness and adventure. The possible endings I explored were: the boy couldn’t find the south pole so came home with the penguin; the boy welcomed the penguin into his home, they went to school together, played together, etc. until he was ready to go back to the south pole; the boy took the penguin to the south pole and went back home but everyday the penguin came back and everyday the boy took him back till he realised he was lonely.


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