Planet Earth.

From my experience with primary school, I only have a few vague memories of science lessons which we were given from external educators. There was much more emphasise on subjects like maths and literacy which we would spend most of our time on daily. This makes it all the more surprising that I had a real passion for science at high school. Not necessarily physics but I really enjoyed chemistry and biology. Growing up, I wasn’t religious at all and never felt the need to follow a religion. However, I did believe in science and was deeply interested in the vast variety of topics that all stemmed from science. I would frequently question myself about why things happened and how.

Planet Earth incorporates: biodiversity and interdependence; energy sources and sustainability; processes of the planet and space. Following our first science input, I’ve decided to focus on biodiversity after watching BBC’s planet earth which sparked an interest for the variety of life in the world.

My SMART Targets:

Specific: I will plan a lesson for a primary 4 class on biodiversity which involves Planet Earth and meet the criteria for SCN 1-02a.

Measurable: I will create a lesson plan – 2 pages A4

Achievable:  I will discuss my idea with peers and research the topic area through the internet and the resources the university has to offer. Additionally, I will visit Edinburgh Zoo for added expertise on the topic and any fun facts I can gather.

Relevant: Children tend to be quite interested in animals. Some may have seen documentaries on the BBC such as Planet Earth and Natural World which are educational and enjoyable.

Timed: I will complete the research element by the end of my placement observation block.

I aim to meet this target to enable my knowledge of science to expand as it is such a vast area. Although it is impossible to know everything, doing this will hopefully prepare myself more for future science lessons I will give.

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