Tuesdays with McIntosh

Overall there was two decisive factors in my choice to begin my training as a primary teacher.

Whilst I was still in primary and attending my p7 classes this began the thoughts on how I would like to follow in my teachers footsteps. It shone a light on how an educator does so much more than teach the classic curriculum, such as Math and English, but also teach essential values and thought processes some of which I still apply to my daily life. As someone who had a unorthodox family upbringing I enjoyed the aspect of coming into class and having this figure who inspired me daily. One valuable lesson she taught was that helping/teaching fellow students at the time came almost as a catharsis for me.

Secondly, in my later high school years, I was introduced, from my mother, to the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom. Even though the situation differs a lot from the one I’ve found myself in, it remains one of my key inspirations. In the book Morrie is a dying University lecturer, however he has impacted the life of his students to so much of an extent that when Mitch finds out that Morrie is on his death bed he visits him every Tuesday until he eventually passes. For me, it represented just how powerful teaching could be. To not only be affected from the lessons at the time but also to stick with you throughout life.

See below for the trailer for the screenplay inspired by the book:

(As always is the case the film is nowhere near as good as the book!)


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