Stem to Steam



This week’s workshop was based on Stem to Steam, a concept I had never heard of before. Before the workshop, I decided to research Stem to Steam using the materials on moodle. Prior to the session I learned that Steam is an educational framework which brings reality into the classroom. It connects the different subjects together in the way they would relate to the outside world and every day life. Steam stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM, 2018). Steam connects all of the different subjects together in a way which they would relate to one another. Steam will help children produce skills which they will need to flourish in the 21st centaury.

When watching a clip on steam happening in the classroom, it was interesting to see how the teachers and the children linked together arts with more “tricky” subjects such as engineering and maths. Having a more hands on approach allows the children to explore these subjects in a different way. Learning about steam has taught me that integration is key in learning and concepts have to connect and relate to children to allow them to learn and make sense of them.

During today’s workshop, we got to explore further into Stem and Steam. I think it is great that schools are trying to take a more arts based approached to learning. As a future educator, and in my future placements, I will think of Steam and incorporate into my planning and classroom life to make sure children are getting the best possible opportunities to develop skills to become people who can function in the 21st century.



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