My final Digital Technology blog

The time has come for me to write my very last post in this reflective blog as my very first option module is coming to an end.

At the beginning of first year I chose to take Digital Technologies as a module as I felt it would be extremely beneficial to explore a variety of ways digital technologies can be used effectively within the classroom environment in order to stimulate the children and further their learning. My thoughts were correct, the past 12 weeks have gave me a real insight into the ways in which digital learning can enhance a child’s experience within the classroom, the way it can promote inclusion and diversity and the sheer level of stimulation and enjoyment it brings to the children. Not only that, it has also allowed me to plan these lessons which promote cross curricular learning and I now have many lesson plans which I am eager to put into practice in my future placements.

A further reason I chose this module was to improve my level of technological skill and knowledge, as I did not feel that I had a diverse and extensive level of knowledge across all platforms of technology which can be used within the classroom. Prior to this module I had only really experienced technology in terms of phones, laptops and games consoles, but I had never explored any other methods nor had I thought about these products in an educational context. After taking part in each weekly activity I have now explored such things as Beebots, ActivInspire, Minecraft and QR codes, none of which I would have come into contact with in my day to day life. I have found each week to be a real learning experience and I definitely feel like my knowledge on each has been extended and I am now looking forward to further developing my knowledge on each of these methods and more.

In my very first digital technologies blog I stated that “A digital native is some who is a ‘native speaker’ of the language of computers, video games and the internet” (Marc Prensky (2001)).¬† I feel at the time I stated this I was aware that the statement was true but I did not fully understand the extent of this. The children in todays society are born into a culture which is surrounded by such a diverse array of technologies, these children have thus developed the knowledge needed to understand and fully interact with these programmes from a very young age. I therefore believe it is absolutely crucial for the educators of these individuals to be fully equipped with the knowledge of how to use these programmes with ease and how to integrate them into the classroom environment, I feel that this module has given me the means to develop all the knowledge needed to be the best teacher I can be in terms of digital technologies and I am incredibly glad I chose it.

Having completed this module, I will never doubt the importance of digital learning within a classroom. In terms of myself, as a learner, it has developed so many skills and attributes over the 12 weeks, such as patience, team work, creativity and my ability to continue trying when things do not go to plan. I cannot wait to see if these skills are also developed by the children I will one day teach. I cannot recommend this module enough and I only wish it was longer, I will continue to develop my knowledge of and ability to use digital technologies and I will 100% be the teacher who is extremely passionate about integrating such programmes into the daily learning of my pupils.


  • Marc Prensky (2001) Digital Natives Digital Immigrants.



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