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I’ve just realised that I have never studied maths in English before! In primary school I did maths in Irish and for the past decade I’ve studied maths in Spanish. So it’s no surprise I need to learn all of the mathematical terms in English. I found this document which explains all the terms you will need to know and be capable of explaining clearly: National Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework

The other day I tried the NOMA. I didn’t quite know what to expect so it was all a bit of a surprise. It should be said, I don’t like surprises! I have always enjoyed maths and I usually haven’t struggled with them, so I was hoping to do well. However, I haven’t done maths for quite a few years so it didn’t go quite to plan. So I’ve concocted a plan.

Firstly, I’m going to do all of the practice exercises and come to term with all the terms. After that I’m going to retake the test and see where about I’m at.

Then comes the more serious part. I’ve set up a plan for the next seven weeks. One week per year (P1 up to P7). I’ve compiled this plan after reading up on the curriculum for excellence: numeracy and mathematics. The two documents that I will be referring to throughout these seven weeks will be: Curriculum for Excellence: numeracy and mathematics. Experiences and outcomes and Curriculum for Excellence. Alignment P1 to P7 .

So, starting next Monday I will be going through all of the relevant maths knowledge needed for P1. I’m also going to try and find interesting and cool ways of teaching the subject matter.

After the seven weeks I’ll recap and work out what I need to do from there.