And we’re off…

This week has been pretty busy. I have enjoyed it an awful lot, but it’s also made me think more than I have had to in quite a few years. Lectures have started, reading lists are becoming longer by the minute, interesting education reports seem to pop up everywhere. I think I need that reading week next week!

On Tuesday I had my first Values lecture with Derek and Vic. They covered the concepts of bias, how we need to be as aware as possible about our own bias for personal growth, among other concepts. We watched an interesting speech from Panti Bliss, a must see if you haven’t seen it already.

Having rewatched the video quite a few times it’s made me aware how important tolerance is in our society. On an individual basis it’s important to find the balance between being aware of your bias and acting upon them. It’s interesting how this concept has linked in with something mentioned in our Working Together lecture on Thursday, it might be necessary to use certain terms while working with individuals, however you must also challenge those individuals perceptions.

It also reminded me of a thing I read or heard recently. If a student speaks or acts inappropriately, what do you do? My reaction would be to simply say that that isn’t allowed or appropriate, whereas, maybe that is the moment to have a discussion about why it is or isn’t appropriate. I wish I remembered where I read or heard it!

The concepts touched on in the lecture are complex and I honestly haven’t had enough time to process it to be able to discuss it to a further extent.

It makes you think. In the future I will be influencing young minds, to be able to do this to my best ability I need to be confident in my beliefs and thoughts. I’ll only manage that by pushing myself and making myself think and evolve in these next four years.

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