Why teaching?

Why do I want to become a teacher? It’s quite simple really. I want to be involved in creating a safe environment where children, from all backgrounds, can learn to their maximum potential while enjoying it.

Having grown up in Ireland I adored my primary school. It was always a safe place, where no matter what was happening outside of school the teachers always remained consistent. It was a place that if there were surprises they were good ones. That is my main motivation to be a teacher. To allow children to be children, in a safe and caring environment. Where they will learn in a fun and engaging way. To supply them with the tools so that further on in their lives they will continue to strive and develop as people, no matter what their personal circumstances are. After all, learning can be fun.

I also find it extremely important, and a bit daunting, that I will be influencing my students in their learning. I am very fond of science and maths and I hope that further down the line I will be able to specialise in those areas, as I believe they are going to gain even more importance in the near future.

I’ve been through completely different educational systems and I’m well aware that they all have their weaknesses and strengths. I can’t wait, however, to be involved in this environment and contribute to the school where I will be working, meanwhile developing my own skill set and continuing to learn. It’s really exciting to have started my journey of becoming a teacher.

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