Drama TDT – Writing in Role

To tap into the aspect of visualisation in drama, I decided to take the dog for a walk around the local parks and cemetery. I came across a striking statue that I felt would fit well with exploring the surroundings and the ‘character’ that would be created from this inanimate sculpture of a mythical creature:

I continue to hear intermittent weeps. It is far in the distance, however. The cries for me have long ended through the eventual cut off of lineage. The weeping comes and goes around me. More often I am surrounded by the sound of passers going about their days: running, walking the dog even those that merely pass through this resting place as a means to get to another destination. A scenic route, I suppose. Life goes on. Some even pause to ponder at my very existence. I stand high in this resting place, my wings unable to free me from my rigid stance. My cold form of stone will allow me to bide my time far beyond the lifespans that are documented in this place. I myself have become cold to my purpose. Albeit a token of remembrance and of love, I’m forever a reminder of life that was lost. The real angel is free, whilst I, the fallen one, remains. 

The Fallen Angel

Bringing this sculpture to life to develop a character from it, I imagined the stone breaking away from itself to reveal an angel that was trapped in a cover of stone:

Crumbling piece by piece, my true form began to reveal itself. My nimble limbs slowly began to feel free as I reach out beyond myself. The flowing curls of my hair began to regain their vigor and shine with each fragment of stone falling by the wayside. The power in my wings, the mechanisms that allowed my return to the heavens, slowly returned as each feather was restored to their former glory. Free at last, from the entrapment that kept me contained in a form of stone. Copious amounts of elation fill my heart as I know that freedom has now become a reality.  

My illustration of the fallen angel after escaping the stone

Overall, I believe this exercise has allowed me to tap into my creative thought process and attach a narrative to an inanimate object and be able to bring new life to it.



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  1. Nikki Doig

    Hi Alan. I love your creative writing here. It would be really interesting to read what this experience means for you. Not just you as a teacher and how an activity like this might be used in class, but also how your engagement with it informs/enhances (or otherwise) you as an artist. Does that make any sense?! Nikki


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