Semester One: The Positives of Reflection

Now that Semester One is in the history books, I believe that it is now time to reflect on how I feel it went and in particular, a part that I felt was particularly successful. Semester One consisted of two shared modules, Working Together and Values. Both of these modules have widened my view on reflection as it was important to reflect on how we performed in these modules for assessment. One part of semester one that I feel was the most important to my development was the poster part of the working together module. This focused on what I had learned personally so this gave me a chance to reflect on what I had learned as part of this module. At first I found it quite challenging as I felt it was hard to look at my own learning and find positives and negatives. However after looking at different theories and discussing with others in my Working Together group this helped me in being able to reflect on my performance. The reason that this is my most important moment of Semester One is that reflection is something that is need and will be used, not only through my 4 years at University but throughout my teaching career. It is crucial that a teacher is able to reflect on their practice and find good points and also points that they can improve on. This does not only help the teacher improve but also makes sure that the children get the best possible learning.


For me, reflection is crucial, it is something that we need to be able to improve our practice. If we don’t reflect on what we are doing then there is no way we can fix something if it is not working. What we all want is what’s best for the children and the only way that we can successfully achieve this is by continuously reflecting on what we are doing and improving on this.

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