Monthly Archives: October 2016

Second Attempt at the ‘NOMA’

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my first experience with the ‘NOMA’, it is safe to say that I was not at all pleased with the result that I got. Therefore, this week I decided that I would give it another go. This time however my surroundings were much different, I was not doing it in a busy cafe surrounded by people talking, this time I done it in the Library where it was much calmer and a better atmosphere to be doing an assessment.

When doing the actual thing I felt much more relaxed and felt that I understood the questions more this time around. I took my time with each question, this again helped me to understand it better. The first time around I felt that I over complicated a lot of the questions, this was not the case this time, I looked at the question as a whole and used the correct steps to solve it, I realised that it really wasn’t supposed to be complicated at all.

Something else that I done different this time was that I went back and checked all of the questions again, just to make sure that I had answered everything and that I had done them correctly. Upon submitting it, it was revealed that I had done far better than my original attempt, this time I had achieved 82%. I believe that this is a better reflection of my understanding of maths, I believe that by looking at the questions that I got wrong I will be able to improve my score even further in the future.