First attempt at the “NOMA”

On Tuesday, I decided to finally take the bull by the horns and do the thing I had been dreading doing….. the “NOMA”. I have always felt that I struggled with maths when at school as I feel that I excel more in literacy subjects. However, I knew that it was something that I would have to do and in reality it was there to help me. Therefore, my friend and I decided to head over to the university library to attempt it. When went into the library to find that there was very little computers available so we ended up using the computers in the cafe. In hindsight this was probably not the best idea as there was constant comings and going with a lot of noise making it a very hard environment to concentrate in.

y actual experience of the “NOMA” is that it I actually over thought some of the questions, making them harder than they actually were. I worked my way through the questions, some of which I found very easy and some I found quite challenging. I came to the end of the test and with my every bit of courage I had I submitted it. I knew that there was room for improvement on a lot of the questions. The page loaded to say that I had achieved 52%, I felt that with more practice and in a better environment that I would be able to do much better. This will only help my understanding of maths and it will ultimately help me understand how to teach it. I will attempt this again in the future to try and see how I have improved.

Next week when I am able to go to the university library I will be attempting the “OLA”, I will reflect on my performance in this once I have completed it.

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