Why teaching?

Why teaching? Teaching for me has been a dream job every since I was little. I have very fond memories of teachers from my time at school which inspired my decision to become a primary school teacher. I believe that the lasting impression a teacher makes on a child can shape them for life, positive experiences with your teacher at school is key and allows the child to enjoy their time at school and thrive. When leaving school I was the only male going into teaching whilst others were going into completely unrelated professions, I believe that teaching is not a job that you just chose to do, it is something that you are born to do, and I believe that I was born to be a primary school teacher.

Over the last few years since leaving school, I have taken very different paths to reach where I currently am. Upon leaving school I felt that my dream of becoming a teacher had been shattered when I was actually rejected from Dundee, following this I went on to do numerous courses at college, before finally earlier this year being accepted on to this course. The joy I felt when I was accepted was one of the greatest feelings that I have felt, realising that I had finally made the step to becoming a teacher.

Last year, when I was at college I done two placements in a primary school, one in P1 and the other in both P1 and P2. This was the first time I had the feel for what it is like to be a teacher and the first time I had been referred to as “Mr Getty”, this made me realise that my dream was actually coming true. When I was little I also wanted to be a superhero, however I eventually realised that I probably wouldn’t be able to be a superhero that flies or has x-ray vision however, I did realise that not all superheroes wear capes and that I was going to be the best superhero of them all….. a Primary Teacher.



2 thoughts on “Why teaching?

  1. Liam Hamilton

    Interesting read Allan! Primary teaching has been my dream job my whole life too, and I agree with what you have written. What’s your opinion on the male teacher situation? Also, like your superhero reference to teaching, it is very true as teachers at primary teachers can in fact shape children and young peoples lives.

    1. Allan Getty Post author

      Personally I don’t think there is enough males going into teaching! For children, especially at a young age having a male figure at school can be very beneficial for them


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