Integrated Arts Week 4

From my learning in the previous 3 weeks of this module it appears to me that in many schools and local authorities education within the arts is minimal and sometimes … Continue reading

From my learning in the previous 3 weeks of this module it appears to me that in many schools and local authorities education within the arts is minimal and sometimes incidental – by this I mean it only happens as a result of something else being taught such as a piece of art work being completed to reflect the topic being studied by the class. The arts are reflected in many walks of life such as advertising, films and television, video games and stage shows. If these subjects are not embraced in primary school will they eventually be eradicated from our society completely?

Our lecture today gave an insight into the once unique pedagogical methods employed by Caol Primary School in Fort William. Here, the development of Room 13 has opened the door to young people by giving them a place to explore their artistic side. The young people of the school have developed this space into a business. They employ an artist in residence and make all of the decisions surrounding the day to day operations of the studio. It is their space for them to use in their own individual way. Some of the young artists from the studio have had their work displayed in galleries such at the Tate Modern Gallery and many prizes have been won by the studio and individuals attached to it. Provided that their class work is complete, the young people are allowed to leave their classroom to go and work in the studio. This flexible approach to art education is reducing the anxiety that often surrounds young people in their art lessons and providing them with a freedom of expression. The freedom of room 13 is also beneficial to the teachers of these young people. Instead of being restricted to textbook teaching methods, room 13 allows teachers to provide learners with the opportunity to explore their own capacity for achievement in both the short term and the long term (Gibb, 2012). I have enjoyed hearing about the improved learning experiences brought about by room 13. I appreciate this extreme approach to flexible and integrated learning through the arts. Drawing on the experiences of the young people involved in room 13 can help to improve my pedagogical style and improve the learning experience for all in my classroom.

Our music session today surrounded Charanga. This website provides teachers with music resources and lessons to complete with their classes every week. This type of resource is beneficial to teachers. Not only does this resource save teachers time with lesson planning it is also accessible for all, no matter the musical ability of the teacher or the learners. Much of the music that children will study and learn will be recognisable to them which may encourage encourage engagement in their learning. Charanga also provides teachers with seasonal and topic based songs that can be used in the school and incorporated into assemblies. This musical engagement will bring benefits to other areas of learning for a young person. A connection exists between musical experiences and language ability. Early exposure to music allows for the brain to develop an understanding of linguistic sounds (Hallam, 2010). Allowing for frequent engagement with resources such as Charanga can therefore be beneficial to a young persons learning away from music. This resource is used within East Ayrshire primary schools. I have recently discovered that this is the local authority where I will begin my placement soon. I hope to have the opportunity to see this resource in action.



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