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Past Papers – familiarise yourself with layout (obviously for lit study you choose from the prose section )

Advanced Higher 2019 all Past Paper (374KB)
Advanced Higher 2018 all Past Paper (361KB)
Advanced Higher 2017 all Past Paper (362KB)
Advanced Higher English Literary Study Specimen Question Paper
Advanced Higher English Textual Analysis Specimen Question Paper

List of Questions I think are suitable for Jane Eyre and Rebecca

“It is the alienation of the individual which pervades …fiction.” Discuss with reference to any two novels

Compare and contrast the treatment of the “darkness of marriage” in any two novels.

“The novel can deal unflinchingly with the social issues of the day.” Discuss with reference to any two novels.

Discuss the extent to which the principal characters in two novels are limited by the external constraints placed upon them.

Discuss the ways in which themes of isolation and/or estrangement are explored in two novels.

Compare and contrast the role and function of the principal female characters in two novels.

Discuss some of the principal means by which tension is created and sustained in any two novels.

Discuss the thematic significance of social status in any two novels.

Discuss the effectiveness of the exploration of identity in any two novels.

To help:

Comparing Texts for Literary Study and Dissertation

Prose Literary Study Questions

Examples of Prose Literary Study Questions you will be able to approach (and could begin to plan with the first text) using Jane Eyre and Rebecca:

  • A symbolism question
    Discuss the effectiveness of the use of symbols in two novels or in three short stories.
  • A setting question
    With close analysis of two novels, compare how setting is used to develop a significant theme or themes.
  • A theme question
    “Money and power — it all comes down to that.” Discuss this quotation with reference to any two novels.
  • A character question
    Discuss the thematic significance of the presentation of a flawed hero or heroine in any two novels.
NB: These seem clear cut - however remember that even with a 'setting' question you must still refer to other techniques i.e character, theme, symbolism etc.