Road Safety

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – RoSPA

The link below will take you directly to RoSPA Road Safety. From here you can click on ‘Advice and Information’ where further links to relevant sections for children, parents and teachers can be found.  The teacher section has useful road safety resources for primary and secondary schools. If you return to the Road Safety link and click on the ‘Road Safety Observatory’ you will find a wealth of independent research and information on a variety of road safety topics.  Simply choose a topic and click to explore further.

RoSPA Road Safety

Network Rail Level Crossing Map Data Sources

Level crossings fall into five distinct categories but each is unique so Network Rail and their rail industry partners have developed a standardised method for assessing crossing risk. Factors taken into account include frequency of trains, frequency and types of users and the environment and where the crossings are located. This website provides further details, it includes a useful function that allows users to search for any level crossing in the UK and the results can be seen on a map. The safety rating, type of level crossing and who is permitted to use them can also be found. Find out what it says about your nearest level crossing!

We need to know where these are as it is very important to the design process as engineers need to consider if they are potentially going to do anything that could increase the use of level crossings or if they can do anything to make them safer through the proposals for the road.

Level Crossings

Health and Safety Executive

The link below will take you directly to the health and safety statistics on the Health and Safety Executive website. This contains published statistics covering all aspects of ill health and injury at work and the financial implications.  Click on ‘Health and Safety Statistics 2016’ on the right of the page to open a summary of statistics in a reader friendly format.

Follow the second link below to view specific statistics regarding the construction sector.