Stakeholder Management Presentation

The link below will take you to a presentation on Stakeholder Management on the A9.

Stakeholder Management Presentation

Public Engagement Event Reports

The A9 Dualling Public Exhibition Summary Reports describe the steps undertaken to advertise, raise awareness and promote the exhibition, the material on display at the exhibition, the format of the exhibition itself, the mechanisms for providing feedback and a summary of the feedback received. These are good examples of how Transport Scotland (on behalf of the Scottish Government) engage with the public to provide opportunity for public feedback on proposals and keep everyone informed of the project’s progress.

This feedback gathered from public consultation is considered and used to develop the designs for the dualling, associated junctions and local access arrangements. The engineers, environmentalists and economists working on the project will often refer to reports like this to check the proposals are developing in line with the needs of the general public and local businesses and communities.

Further information on these events and to see the information displayed can be seen here: (scroll down on each page to the “Public Exhibitions” heading):

Glen Garry to Dalwhinnie Public Exhibition

Crubenmore to Kincraig Public Exhibition

Non-Motorised User (NMU) Access Strategy

The NMU Access Strategy Report provides guidance for the engineers and environmentalists on how the A9 Dualling Project aims to mitigate against impacts on existing NMU access and explore opportunities to improve and develop existing NMU facilities. This aims to ensure the proposals are developing in line with the needs of the general public, tourists, local businesses and local communities.

By dualling the A9 the road will become much wider, have a higher speed limit and will likely have a central reservation (a barrier of sort) separating the two lanes in each direction. This will therefore make it difficult and potentially unsafe for a person to cross the road. One of the aims of the A9 Dualling is to “facilitate active travel within the corridor” so this strategy lays out an appropriate plan of action towards securing the best outcomes for NMU related interests.

This strategy is available on Transport Scotland’s website and was developed along with the A9 Dualling NMU Forum, which is made up of NMU organisations such as Scotways, Sustrans, the British Horse Society and the Mountaineering Council for Scotland.

NMU Access Strategy Report

An example of how the information in this strategy report is used and developed into design proposals can be seen here:

Using and Developing the Report

Using and Developing the Report (2)