Soils Scotland Land Capable for Agriculture (LCA) Map

The link below will take you directly to Soils Scotland LCA Classification map. This uses physical characteristics such as climate, topography and soil to determine how well crops will grow in certain locations. By opening the legend at the top right hand corner of the map, the coloured layers and their associated classification can be interpreted.

This could be a useful tool for a geography lesson. Pupils could assess what classification the land is within proximity to their home.

Soils Scotland LCA Classification map

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

The link below will take you directly to the evidence page of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. Here you will find an explanation of the part JNCC play in providing evidence to protect the natural environment in the UK and beyond.  For further information hover over the evidence tab on the main bar and find further links to; Assessments and Reports, Research, Data sources, Surveillance and Monitoring and Publications.

Ancient Tree Hunt

The link below will take you directly to the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Hunt Interactive Map. This map can display ancient, veteran and notable trees, ancient woodland and woodland under threat, and other woodland features such entrances and parking locations. These layers can be manually selected by selecting features from the ‘Explore’ tab from the top of the map. Any given feature can be selected and an information page opens from the hyperlink which displays more species information including reasons for designation and pictures.

This could be a useful tool in supporting a biology or geography lesson. Pupils could be asked to find the location of a particular tree or woodland and discuss the importance of protecting this feature (landscape / cultural / ecological / economic value).

Ancient Tree Hunt Link