Here you will find some Video Blogs from professionals working on the A9 Dualling Project. We hope to keep adding the Video Blogs on a regular basis.  Hope you enjoy them!!

If the Videos don’t work, an alternative format can be found here.




Gareth – Archaeologist

Likes – Getting out on site and actually seeing the archaeological monuments he writs reports on!

Dislikes – Paperwork!

Recommends studying – Gareth  studied History, English, Biology and has a BSc in Archaeology


Scott – Acoustician

Likes – Seeing a job come to fruition and getting out on site

Dislikes – Long days

Recommends studying – Sciences. Mark studied Physics and Astronomy at University before being offered a job in Acoustics


Mark – Environmental Scientist (Air Quality specialist)

Likes – Working in a large diverse team and being out on site in the Scottish sunshine

Dislikes – Inputting large amounts of data and completing tables of information

Recommends studying – Mark studied Geography and Maths and has an Environmental and Engineering MSc in Sustainability


Duncan – Contract Manager

Likes about the job – Working outdoors

Dislikes – Frustrated at how long projects can take to deliver

Recommends studying – Civil Engineering


Jessica – Senior Engineering Geologist

Likes about the job – Getting to Abseil as part of it – qualified abseiler

Dislikes – Scared of Heights!!

Recommends Studying – Archaeology and Earth Sciences


Rory – Roads and Infrastructure Manager

Likes about the job – The Outdoors and Managing large teams

Dislikes – Nothing particular – maybe by progressing your career you move away from the “nuts and bolts” of your profession

Recommends Studying – Maths, Sciences and Civil Engineering


Kevin – Landscape Architect

Likes about the job- Working outdoors

Dislikes – Long periods of report writing!

Recommends studying – Art, Geography, Maths and English


Calum – Structures Lead

Likes about the job – working in a large team

Dislikes – frustration at the amount of iterations involved in the job

Recommends studying – Civil Engineering


Maria – Landscape Architect

Likes about the job – Hiking outdoors and enjoying the views!

Dislikes – the dreaded Midges!

Recommends Studying – Geography, drawing and photography


Donald – Strategy Advisor

Likes about the job- Working with all sorts of different people

Dislikes – No real dislikes about the job – loves it!

Recommends studying – Geography, Civil Engineering

KaraSenior Communication and Engagement Consultant

Likes about the job- working with all kinds of different people

Dislikes – Delivering bad news to people affected by a project

Recommends studying – Geography, Environmental Management



Bruce – Apprentice Trainee Engineer

Likes about the job – Working with all sorts of people

Dislikes – Mornings!!

Recommends studying – Technical Drawing, Graphic Communications


Robin – Stakeholder Manager

Likes about the job – variety of the role

Dislikes – when Landowners and Stakeholders have concerns

Recommends studying – Geography, Surveying


Harry – Graduate Environmental Consultant

Likes about the job – making the most environmentally friendly designs possible

Dislikes – when a design can’t be made completely environmentally friendly and compromises have to be made

Recommends studying – Geography