Climate Change

Climate Change – Transport Scotland

The link below connects directly to Transport Scotland’s website and provides technical climate change information in relation to transport. This information could be used to support a higher or advanced higher geography class.

Transport Scotland Climate Change Information

Climate Change – NASA

The link below provides a video from NASA which discusses how human influence has affected global temperatures. It uses graphs to display the natural climate change factors such as volcanoes, earth’s orbit, and the sun, but concludes that it is human influence which is causing the disastrous climate change as we know it.

This could be used to support a geography lesson. Teachers could discuss the graphs in more detail, drawing on examples or read out the notes in the top left hand corner of the video.

NASA Climate Change Video

Climate Change Game

This game is very interactive, fun and informative. The objective is to lower current UK C02 levels to 20% within a city. This can only be achieved through a certain energy supply and demand mix. To control the energy supply and demand use the dials at the bottom of the game. Every change to supply or demand will change the appearance of the ‘Home, City, Country’ map. Below are some hints how to play the game:

  • You need to match energy supply to consumption demand – some energy cannot be stored and so excess production is wasted! Keep an eye on the ‘My Energy Security Indicator’.
  • Watch how the world changes when either a supply or demand attribute is changed.
  • Each change on the supply and demand dials produces a fact box.
  • The ‘Find out more about the sliders’ tab contains a lot of great information about each energy source, its efficiency and feasibility within the UK.

This game could be utilised during class or given as homework. The pupils could be asked to produce the lowest C02 possible (but still have a functional world) and write about three supply characteristics and three demand characteristics which allowed this reduction in C02.

Climate Change Interactive Game