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‘InSET Series: Science, Engineering and Technologies within Curriculum for excellence

The InSET courses are delivered by two enthusiasts, who aim through CPD sessions to help primary school teachers to develop and deliver activities focussed on science, technologies and engineering in education, enabling teachers to work with their cluster and to allow learners opportunities to apply science, technology and maths knowledge and skills.

The one day courses provide opportunities through this form of CPD to bring together teachers from local primaries, teachers of STEM subjects in the associated secondary school and local industry partners with a proven local track record in Education-Industry link activities. These one day courses offer ideas for creating opportunities for challenge, creativity, problem solving and team building.

If you would like to find out more about how your cluster (associated school group) could be involved in this exciting opportunity contact details are below.
Dugald Cantlay
Interface Scotland
Sandy Moggach MBE
AGM Services

INTRODUCTION TO AUTODESK INVENTOR – 20 May and also on 16 June 2011

This one day course is aimed at Design & Technology teachers in High Schools who are taking their initial steps with Autodesk Inventor.

The cost includes teaching material used in the delivery of the course on the day which can be used for future learning and teaching in the centre. All courses are recorded live and provided in the form of video tutorial material to participants.

Course Tutor, Eddie Mack, has over fifteen years experience teaching Design & Technology in both Secondary and Higher Education and will ensure you feel supported.


Covering the basics of how to operate Inventor in addition to an insight into effective teaching strategies.

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Leading for Excellence in Science: 6-9 November 2011 & 18-19 March 2012

Curriculum for Excellence aims to bring about transformational change and ensure the best possible education for our children and young people and the Scottish Government recognises the pivotal role of science within CfE. Management structures in schools and colleges are diverse resulting in posts of responsibility for science faculties and combinations of science subjects as well as principal teachers of biology, chemistry and physics. As a result of these factors and the increasing emphasis on the need for teachers to take increased responsibility for what they teach and their own self evaluation, the role of science leaders has never been more important.

The course is aimed at all of those who have, or aspire to have,
responsibility for leading science education in their establishments. Although some leadership skills are generic, there are aspects of science education which require specific leadership skills and have particular management
responsibilities. These particular responsibilities as well as wider leadership
issues will be considered in science specific contexts.

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