Flash Music Festival

Design Context

Music is an interest which is enjoyed and listened to by the majority of people around the world. Every year there are thousands of music festivals around the globe which attracts people of all ages, genders, origins.

The Flash Music Festival project provided students with the opportunity to become a member of a design teamworking for a local music festival.  The role helped the students to investigate the skills and attributes which occur behind the scenes in the music industry and to contribute to skills which which if they choose to do so, use in further life.

This unit of work was created for sudents in the lower Secondary school (CfE Third/Fourth level) to help expand their knowledge and skills to become designers of the future.

The Flash music festival is based around an interactive case study.  This case study incorporates a central ‘Big Task’ theme and a series of ‘Small Tasks’ which have been devised to help and develop the students skills as they complete the course project. 

Nicola McKeeman

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