Look, Capture, Create – national Glow creativity project

Glow Learning Experiences – Week beginning 13 May

The ‘Look, capture, create’ interdisciplinary learning experience takes place over four weeks and is aimed at second level learners. Developed in partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts it explores the use of designer/illustrator Johanna Basford’s exhibition ‘Wonderlands’ to improve understanding of the importance of Scottish biodiversity through skill development in art and design and science creativity challenges.

These experiences have been planned to coincide with Scotland’s Nature Festival and Walk to School Week. The first 10 schools to sign up for two or more creativity challenges on the Glow TV schedule will receive 20 black ink pens, as recommended by Johanna Basford and a copy of her latest book ‘Secret Garden – An Inky Treasure Hunt’.

The ‘Look, capture, create’ National Glow Group (Glow login required) provides more information.

Scottish Natural Heritage reports that it is clear that for 10-17 year olds the importance of the natural environment appears to drop with age. Around 30% of 10-17 year olds have some knowledge of biodiversity, landscapes and special places for nature, while significantly more claimed knowledge about climate change.  Young people are an important biodiversity audience both now and in the future. By engaging with them today it is hoped the biodiversity message will be inherited by the next generation and so on.

This interdisciplinary learning experience will give learners direct access to illustrator/designer, Johanna Basford, a storyteller from the Scottish Storytelling Centre, artists from the DCA Community and Education team and a scientist from Dundee University to enable them to explore a series of creative challenges to learn about biodiversity, pattern and relationships in nature, visual elements and enterprise. Learning experiences will focus on improving observation skills in art and science, developing a curiosity and love of natural Scotland and an understanding of the importance of biodiversity. These experiences will culminate in the co-creation of a design to promote awareness of the importance and beauty of Scottish biodiversity.

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