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The Great Glow Stampede

I hope you have had a lovely holiday Monday!  This week we won’t have a live Glow TV event because we want to give you time to begin to create a creature for the ‘Great Glow Stampede’!  

This is Johanna Basford’s idea and is inspired by her ‘Wonderbeast ‘ design! Johanna invited the general public to become co-creators by commisssioning her to draw a creature of their choice.  The final design included over 150 different creatures and is stunning. Take a look below at ‘Wonderbeasts’ and visit Johanna’s site to see the names of the co-creators and what they commissioned!  

The crocodile is my favourite!  

Johanna Basford 'Wonderbeasts'


We are now calling upon you to become a co-creator on a gigantic project that will be shared nationally!  We aim to create a ‘Great Glow Stampede’ of the flora, fauna and fish of Scotland to help others appreciate the beauty of our country. 

These are the instructions

Your creature can be real or imaginary.   

Your creature should  

(When uploading to Glow please include the artist’s first name and school in title of the saved file. First name School e.g AnnaEllon if there are two Anna’s in your class or school please include the initial of that persons surname)  


  • original artwork can be sent to Anna Rossvoll by Wednesday 5th June and it will be photographed and put into the final design.

I am sorry but we cannot return orignial artwork.  

And last but not least…..  

There will be a competition!!!!  

Three winning creatures will be selected from the stampede and the winning artists will receive a signed copy of Johanna’s latest book!  

So Co-creators lets Ready, steady INKKKKKKKK!!!!!