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Beautiful doodle shared!

Our first doodle has been uploaded to the Doodle zone! It is very detailed! I see a ‘Wondertale’ within the doodle and it makes me think of yesterday’s collaborative story that involved an octopus and mermaid in a mysterious underwater land. Thank you for uploading this to the group Mrs Taylor.

Doodling/Drawing Idea 2

Cut a hole in a piece of paper.

Draw what might be climbing out of the hole, surrounding the hole, dripping from the hole etc.

I visited the Macduff Marine Aquarium and was fascinated by the octopus. This inspired me to doodle some tentacles dangling through the hole.

The second time I cut a small hole. It made me think of the pupil in an eye. I am going to use this doodle as a viewing frame when I go out looking for pattern and detail. It will help me to focus on detail and switch off from the surrounding environment as I draw.