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Fibonacci numbers

After the live Glow TV event Dr Neil Paterson gave us a tour of the native Scottish plant area at the gardens. Photographs from this tour are in the pattern wiki (Glow username and password required). We also started counted petals for Fibonacci numbers. It worked! Have you tried?


  If you have please leave a comment or write a blog post to let us know what you discovered.

These notes, booklets and activities have been provided by Dr Neil Paterson and Sarah Derrick at DCA.

GLOW fibo appendix 

Natural treasure

Natural treasure

Last week was ‘Walk to School week’. We set a challenge to collect photographs and sketches of natural ‘treasure’ and already Burravoe and Mrs O’Connor’s primary schools have uploaded some ‘treasure’ to the group! Thank you so much!

I took a walk on Saturday morning and discovered lots of natural ‘treasure’ in the hedgerows beside my house.

Seed pods fallen from the tree, blades of grass dripping with dew, bright yellow dandelions, fluffy feathers, and a peafowl!

seed pod
Dew drop grass
bright yellow dandelions
fluffy feather
peafowl - can you see it?

Oh and these…. (not sure what they are called)

white flowers and creatures

I looked at them very closely and they were covered with creatures!

I am in the process of creating a pattern trail map!

These finds have also inspired me to get creative and begin inking up my creature for the Glow stampede!

How are you getting on?

Walk to School Week and Scotland’s Nature Festival!

This week is ‘Walk to School’ week. This campaign is organised by Living Streets and takes place during National Walking Month in May.  This year the campaign focuses on the benefits of walking and sets a task for each day.

Find out more about this campaign here

This is also the year of Natural Scotland 2013. It aims to encourage everyone to explore and find out more about our nation’s stunning natural beauty.

As part of this the ‘Scotland’s Big 5’ campaign aims to get everyone talking about Scotland’s nature and joining in the fun of discovering five of the country’s iconic species – the red squirrel, red deer, harbour seal, otter and golden eagle – and the places where you’re most likely to see them.

We have been inspired by these campaigns and while you walk to school we would like to challenge you to look carefully at natural patterns and treasures. To capture what you see in drawings and photographs and to create a pattern trail map for others to enjoy and appreciate your local area. Imagine if you managed to spot one of the Big 5!

Every day we have set a different challenge

Day1: Tiny natural patterns


I thought that these looked a little bit like dragon ears!

Day 2: Tangled natural treasure

 I’m still searching – I wonder what you will find.

Day 3: Fragile natural treasure

Our small Shetland pony ‘Tiny’ is casting his winter coat. The birds are collecting Tiny’s hair and weaving it into their nests.

Day 4: Gigantic natural treasure

I think this tree has a great deal of character and the branch stretching across the trunk looks like an arm

Day 5: Living natural treasure

Last year a pair of swallows built a nest above our front door and they have returned this year. They build their nest from mud.  It is incredible to watch the mud being layered up bit by bit. I stood for some time waiting for them to forget I was there and return to their nest. I’m very proud of this photograph.

To help you observe carefully why not try looking through a viewing frame. Simply take some thick paper, draw the shape you wish to look through – it could be circular, square, lots of little holes etc. With an adult place the paper on top of some plasticene and use a sharp object to create a hole in the centre of your drawn shape. Use scissors to cut out from the centre to the edge of the shape you have drawn.

You can download this book below to capture sketches in, or indeed create your own.

Please upload your photographs and drawings to the appropriate page on the wiki to help create a nationwide collection of Scottish biodiversity.

Beautiful doodle shared!

Our first doodle has been uploaded to the Doodle zone! It is very detailed! I see a ‘Wondertale’ within the doodle and it makes me think of yesterday’s collaborative story that involved an octopus and mermaid in a mysterious underwater land. Thank you for uploading this to the group Mrs Taylor.

Create a Wondertale

Creativity challenge 1 – Create a Wondertale!

Visit Johanna Basford’s Gallery of work.

Look carefully at a design that ‘catches your eye’.  Why does the design appeal to you? Look carefully at the detail.

Capture – Describe the design in words. Describe the design as a whole and then describe sections and details within those.

Create a ‘Wondertale’ by imagining you have shrunk and are small enough to walk around the design.  Describe what you might see, hear, feel, smell and even dare to taste.  Your ‘Wondertale’ might be a poem, story, rap or song.

SHARE – You will earn the ‘Wondertales’ badge if you upload your Wondertale and any wordbanks you have created to the Look, Capture, Create Wiki. Please leave comments and feedback for each other on the wiki.