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Beautiful doodle shared!

Our first doodle has been uploaded to the Doodle zone! It is very detailed! I see a ‘Wondertale’ within the doodle and it makes me think of yesterday’s collaborative story that involved an octopus and mermaid in a mysterious underwater land. Thank you for uploading this to the group Mrs Taylor.


In your classroom you see each other every day. When you are learning online with others you don’t always see each other. I thought it might be quite good if we could introduce ourselves to each other by creating an InkyME. So I have had a go at drawing myself using only black ink. I used 2 pens, one with a thick nib for large shapes and the other with a thin nib to allow me to add detail. I took photographs as I drew to try and share how I created my InkyME.

I will now upload my drawing to the InkyME page.

Doodling/Drawing Idea 2

Cut a hole in a piece of paper.

Draw what might be climbing out of the hole, surrounding the hole, dripping from the hole etc.

I visited the Macduff Marine Aquarium and was fascinated by the octopus. This inspired me to doodle some tentacles dangling through the hole.

The second time I cut a small hole. It made me think of the pupil in an eye. I am going to use this doodle as a viewing frame when I go out looking for pattern and detail. It will help me to focus on detail and switch off from the surrounding environment as I draw.