Fibonacci numbers

After the live Glow TV event Dr Neil Paterson gave us a tour of the native Scottish plant area at the gardens. Photographs from this tour are in the pattern wiki (Glow username and password required). We also started counted petals for Fibonacci numbers. It worked! Have you tried?


  If you have please leave a comment or write a blog post to let us know what you discovered.

These notes, booklets and activities have been provided by Dr Neil Paterson and Sarah Derrick at DCA.

GLOW fibo appendix 

B is for Biodiversity and Beauty

Good morning.

This morning we will be in the Botanical Gardens in Dundee where we will meet Dr Neil Paterson, Education Officer at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden. We will be in the glasshouses at the garden today – they are beautiful.

These notes  B is for Biodiversity and Beauty Notes from Sarah at DCAand GLOW script 4th June 2013 from Dr Paterson at Botanics will provide you with more information about today.

Take a look at the information Scottish Natural Heritage provide about protecting Scotland’s nature and safeguarding biodiversity. They have also created a video but it has to be viewed on YouTube.