InkyMEs arrive at the DCA!!

Today the InkyMEs arrived in Dundee to visit Johanna Basford’s exhibition ‘Wonderlands’. They waited patiently outside the gallery doors.

They crept through the paper forest. The trees were gigantic. They spotted worms eating fallen apples and peered into holes in the trunks of the trees. The black and white trees swayed gently as they strolled through the forest. They were mesmerised by the black and white shapes and patterns.

When the InkyMEs made their way out of the paper forest they were astonished by the size of the vast gallery. It was gigantic and filled with wondrous artworks.

The wallpaper was incredible. They wanted to clamber into ‘Crazy Botanic’ and be tickled by the petals and snooze under the umbrella of leaves. Most them agreed that ‘Macbeth’ was very scary and the slender snakes looked very dangerous.

The InkyMEs then settled back to listen to Wendy, a storyteller from Glasgow who happened to be in the gallery that day. It was magical!

The InkyMEs are looking forward to meeting Johanna Basford next week and they hope you are too.

Welcome to Wonderlands

On Monday 13th May at 10 am Dundee Contemporary Arts will open their Gallery doors to Glow TV viewers and we will step into Johanna Basford’s exhibtion ‘Wonderlands’! Wendy Woolfson will be our storyteller and she will help us to learn to look carefully for detail in Johanna’s exhibtion, capture the detail in words and create a Wondertale!

To join the Glow TV event click here (Glow username and password required)

Create a Wondertale

Creativity challenge 1 – Create a Wondertale!

Visit Johanna Basford’s Gallery of work.

Look carefully at a design that ‘catches your eye’.  Why does the design appeal to you? Look carefully at the detail.

Capture – Describe the design in words. Describe the design as a whole and then describe sections and details within those.

Create a ‘Wondertale’ by imagining you have shrunk and are small enough to walk around the design.  Describe what you might see, hear, feel, smell and even dare to taste.  Your ‘Wondertale’ might be a poem, story, rap or song.

SHARE – You will earn the ‘Wondertales’ badge if you upload your Wondertale and any wordbanks you have created to the Look, Capture, Create Wiki. Please leave comments and feedback for each other on the wiki.