In your classroom you see each other every day. When you are learning online with others you don’t always see each other. I thought it might be quite good if we could introduce ourselves to each other by creating an InkyME. So I have had a go at drawing myself using only black ink. I used 2 pens, one with a thick nib for large shapes and the other with a thin nib to allow me to add detail. I took photographs as I drew to try and share how I created my InkyME.

I will now upload my drawing to the InkyME page.

Doodling/Drawing Idea 2

Cut a hole in a piece of paper.

Draw what might be climbing out of the hole, surrounding the hole, dripping from the hole etc.

I visited the Macduff Marine Aquarium and was fascinated by the octopus. This inspired me to doodle some tentacles dangling through the hole.

The second time I cut a small hole. It made me think of the pupil in an eye. I am going to use this doodle as a viewing frame when I go out looking for pattern and detail. It will help me to focus on detail and switch off from the surrounding environment as I draw.

Doodling/Drawing Idea 1

Take a black line for a walk.

I used a felt pen because it flowed well as I drew.

Turn the shapes and lines created into an outdoor space such as a forest, river, fungi circle, wildflower meadow etc.

I chose to turn my first line walk into a simple planted area and the second into a rock pool.

For the rock pool I used thick and thin nibbed pens to add definition and detail.

Happy doodling!

First 10 schools to sign up for 2 or more Creativity Challenges receive REWARDS!

Please visit the Glow TV schedule to sign up for

Look, Capture, Create Creativity Challenges.

The first 10 schools to sign up for 2 or more Creativity Challenges will receive rewards!

Incentives for participation in the 'Look, Capture, Create' Creativity Challenges

Creativity Challenge 1

Monday 13th May at 10am, live from Dundee Contemporary Arts

Learners will have the opportunity to tour Johanna Basford’s exhibition ‘Wonderlands’ at Dundee Contemporary Arts through storytelling.  Johanna draws intricate designs and the storyteller will model how to look carefully for detail, capture those details in words and create a Wondertale!

Creativity Challenge 2

Week 2 of the Look, Capture, Create project coincides with ‘Walk to School Week’ and ‘Scotland’s Nature Festival’. This Glow TV broadcast gives learners the opportunity to journey on an inky adventure with the Scottish illustrator/designer Johanna Basford to learn about her art techniques, what inspires her designs and her success commercially.

Johanna will share how she looks for detail and inspiration in nature, how she captures this and creates beautiful hand drawn inky designs.

She will share her

  • influences and sources of inspiration.
  • sketchbooks, techniques and choice of media.
  • approach to collaboration
  • ability to be observant, use her eyes to spot natural treasure

Johanna will invite the young people of Scotland to become a Co-Creator by drawing their own inky picture of a creature which lives on land or in water to create a Glow stampede of fish, flora or fauna which reflects the beauty and diversity of wildlife in Scotland. The creature could be real or imaginary.

Creativity Challenge 3

During week 3 of the ‘Look, capture, create’ interdisciplinary learning experience we will be joined by a scientist/mathematician from Dundee University live in the Dundee Botanic Gardens  to learn more about the importance of Scottish Biodiversity and how we can do simple things to help nature survive and grow.  We will look in particular at the types and purposes of the beautiful patterns nature creates.

Creativity Challenge 4

For the final ‘Look, capture, create’ Glow TV broadcast join the learning team at Dundee Contemporary Arts to explore the visual elements – line, shape, form, colour, tone, pattern and texture  to create a design to promote Scottish biodiversity. And watch as we reveal and celebrate the Glow Stampede of Scottish fish, flora and fauna, your collaborative artwork.